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RolePlay Erotic Couple Lounge in Atlantic City NJ.

All About The RolePlay Erotic Couples Lounge in Atlantic City NJ.

The Roleplay Erotic Couples Lounge is not just Atlantic City's newest nightclub destination,
it is the venue of choice for the select few who seek a truly upscale, intriguing experience
in sensual exploration.  Located within minutes of Atlantic City's finest casinos and hotels,
the RolepPlay Erotic Couples Lounge provides two stories of dancing, lounging and intimate
spaces in a setting that embodies the Fantasy Sexperience. Bars and dance clubs are
commonplace, and offer a common experience.  The RolePlay Lounge offers its
members a unique destination for experiencing not just night life, but a night of being alive
as few others do. RolePlay provides an oasis for like-minded couples and single women to
explore their desires together, from the sensual and sublime to the intense and erotic.
   Decompress from the outside world as you sip champagne and cocktails while lounging
with friends in a custom, lifestyle-inspired setting.  Indulge in your voyeuristic side as you
watch the action unfold up on the Second Level.  As your inhibitions melt away, take in
the pleasure as both your body and your inner exhibitionist are revealed for your fellow
members to enjoy.  And if the moment is right, experience the electric thrill that most
men and women never will know, as you directly become part of the intensely erotic
encounters that can only happen during a night at the RolePlay Lounge. 
Life is meant to be lived to its fullest, and after an evening at The RolePlay Lounge,
you'll wake up and wonder if what you experienced was truly real, if anything could
have been so intense, and such a turn-on for all five senses. With each return,
you'll know it's not only real, but that it keeps getting better with every visit.
   At over 5,000 square feet, The RolePlay Lounge is New Jersey's largest "on-premise" nightclub,
offering an upscale, sensual venue that guarantees a memorable night. The RolePlay Lounge
is a BYOB nightclub offering full bartending services for our members.  Rather than settling
for weak drinks made with "house" spirits, the RolePlay experience allows you to enjoy
your favorite labels, your way.  If you wish to drink while visiting the club, just bring
your wine or spirits of choice and leave it with our bar staff.  They will be labeled and
stored for your personal use at our bars, which are fully stocked with mixers and garnishes. 
The professional RolePlay bar staff will be happy to pour your drinks just the way you like them,
and love to suggest enticing cocktails they can make from your personal stock.  Compare this
to paying typical club prices for drinks, and the RolePlay advantage is clear.
   The attractive and alluring RolePlay Hostesses are entertainment professionals, skilled at making
the newest guests feel like longtime members in a comfortably intimate circle of friends.  They have
a gift for helping each visitor find just the activity they are seeking, and for igniting the sensual heat
in a room.  The gorgeous RolePlay Hostesses let you know you've arrived at an "A" list party as you
watch them charge the space with their unique energy, whether they're breaking the ice between
new acquaintances, or instructing a member in the art of erotic dance.  The professionalism of the
RolePlay staff extends to our seasoned but discreet security staff, which ensures a setting that allows
the greatest degree of intimate play with a complete sense of safety.  The attentive RolePlay maintenance
staff works continuously to provide our guests with settings that are clean and inviting.

Located in safe neighborhood
Sexy and Friendly Hostesses aka Partygirls
Nonstop staff maintaining the immaculate cleanliness of the club
BYOB Bar with all mixers and sexy bartender (please tip our servers)
Coat check and Lockers (please bring your own lock)
Main dance floor room with incredible sound system and lights/lasers
LIVE DJs playing your requests and spinning the hottest tracks
Two professional dancer poles
Private, enclosed outdoor smoking area
Pool Table
Semi private play rooms (designed each for group, same room, tent room etc)
Main exhibitionist area including tantra chair, lounger with restraints, The Sybian and a sex swing
Dungeon room with a St Andrews Cross, Sex Swing and more
Light Buffet of hoagies and gourmet snacks


*The RolePlay Lounge in Atlantic City NJ, complies with all applicable State and Federal laws. 

*Cameras or any recording devices are not allowed into the club. We do allow cell phones, however those caught taking pictures with a cell phone will be ejected without refund and possibly banned
from the club. This is for the privacy of everyone attending the club.

*Dress Code: The RolePlay Lounge offers a unique, upscale experience, and our members are
expected to be dressed accordingly to be granted access to the premises. Gentlemen are expected
to arrive in upscale club wear or business casual attire.  Jeans are OK, as long as they are dressed up. Ladies are requested to arrive in
upscale or alluring club wear.  We encourage dressing to express your sensuality.
Sneakers, T-shirts, Flip-Flops or casual attire are not acceptable.
We reserve the right to remove without refund or not allow anyone in for any reason we see fit.
We provide lockers if you wish to change after you arrive.  Please bring your own locks.

*NO TOUCHING WITHOUT ASKING ... We have one strict rule, NO touching without asking. 
If someont touches you or is not appropriate, you should report it to the manager and/or 
security as soon as possible, (not a week later). Our parties are not a free for all.

*Rules for Single Men on FRIDAY nights.  Keep in mind we are a couples lifestyle club! Not a brothel!
It’s a PRIVILEGE for you to attend. Single men are only permitted to come in on Friday nights.
Rules single men MUST abide by;
No means No. Even if in the middle of something someone changes their mind.
We do not allow in groups of single men. We only allow in a maximum of TEN single men on a Friday Night.
We do NOT allow touching of any kind without permission. Approach a single woman with respect.  
Approach a couple as a couple, not just the lady! We do not give refunds or 2nd chances, when you are banned that’s it….
No aggressive behavior is allowed or tolerated!


Entry Fees: 
Friday nights:       Couples $69       Single Men $100       Single ladies FREE
Saturday nights:  Couples $100     Single ladies FREE    NO SINGLE MEN
Entry fees can be highered or lowered depending on event.  Always check the event and the 
ticket site for actual entry fees.

The RolePlay Lounge is open Fridays and Saturdays ONLY.
Fridays from 10:00 PM - 3: 00 AM  to couples, single ladies and single men.
Saturdays from 9:00 PM - 4:00 AM  to couples and single ladies ONLY.
(No unescorted Men on Sat. night events.)


The RolePlay Erotic Couples Lounge
3426 Atlantic Ave. (Between Boston Ave. and Providence Ave.)
Atlantic City, NJ  08401
Located back to back with the Atlantic Club's parking garage and next to a PNC Bank.
Conveniently located One block down from Atlantic City's Historic
"Knife and Fork Inn" Restaurant.

The Atlantic Club and Casino(formerly known as the AC Hilton) , The Chelsea Hotel, and the Tropicana are all within walking distance 
from The RolePlay Lounge.  There are discounted Hotel options 5 miles off the main AC strip... 
such as the Holiday Inn express in Absecon, The Clarion West, and the Comfort Inn and Suites.

Convenient parking is less than 200 feet from The RolePlay Lounge on Boston Ave. 
We recommend using the Atlantic Club's parking lot or five-story garage.
Please do not park in the PNC Bank lot since towing rules are strictly enforced.

What To Expect...
Erotic Couples ONLY events are becoming a mainstream activity and has become
something of a social-sexual phenomenon in recent years. People from all walks of life are
attracted to the “LifeStyle”, with the highest influx being 30-40 something, married,
middle to upper class, professionals who are hitting the club scene for the first
time.  In a society that promotes sexuality, secure couples have been
able to develop a sense of sexual maturity which has led to a point where
exploration has become a popular trend.

    Most people have the wrong idea of what LifeStyle club is. Many think that it’s
just one big orgy and you check your clothes at the door and then dive right in,
doing anything you want with whomever you like.
At The RolePlay Erotic Couples Lounge this is COMPLETELY not the case!
More than anything else, RolePlay is a social club where you’ll meet some of the
nicest people. In some cases, you’ll form bonds that will last a lifetime.

Here’s how it works...
The best way to approach the evening is with only one single expectation, and
that is to have a fun time together with your partner.  For your first visit to RolePlay,
plan on having a few drinks and enjoying the sexually charged dance floor. This
way you’ll both be completely comfortable with no expectations. 

Then one (or a few) of the following things will definitely happen . . .

A..... At the end of the night of drinking and dancing in this sexually charged
environment, you will both will go home and have mind-blowing sex!  recharging
your sex life and supercharging your relationship.

B......  While on the dance floor, the attractive couple dancing beside you is dirty
dancing and her body keeps rubbing against yours on the dance floor. You
respond by touching and caressing them back. Then they   disappear into the
crowd and you enjoy the excitement of this sexy anonymous encounter.

C.....  You both want to see more, so you venture up to the second floor and find a
room that is in midst of a very sexy orgy. You don’t go in , but instead you observe
from the doorway, close enough to easily view all the exciting activities, yet far
enough away to accommodate your comfort zone. You feel like you’re part of the
activities though not needing to participate in them. It’s like you’re sitting in an
adult theater watching the most erotic orgy you’ve ever seen, except this time it
isn’t a movie... The action is real and live!

D..... You are both so turned on by the evening that you retreat upstair and find a
comfy lounge chair in one of the play rooms,  you enjoy great sex together and
enjoy being a exhobitionist. All while another couple or threesome, foursome or
more-some is doing the same on the other side of the room.  And their sexy
sounds only adds to  your excitement.

E..... You see the couple that was dancing beside you on the dance floor and they
are playing in one of the rooms. There is room next to them so you spread your
sheet out  beside them and lay down. You begin kissing and playing with your
mate, then after a little while the pretty girl of the couple beside you gently touches
your arm to extend an invitation to touch them back. You respond to her touch not
really knowing yet how much touching or caressing will take place, but knowing
full well that either couple can say no at any time and set any limits they desire.
Maybe the ladies only touch each other while the men each pleasure their own
wives. Maybe the men are massaging both the ladies’ entire bodies or maybe the
ladies are stroking the other man while having sex with her husband. Who knows
what might happen this special magical night, it’s all up to you and those involved
with you. Maybe she might enjoy giving you oral while her husband services her
from behind, you’ll be sure to see plenty of that going on here. And maybe you’ll
engage in full partner sharing with a complete exchange of partners ... 

This is your night, you set your own limits.

Here are some Tips for anyone visiting RolePlay
You and your partner should have a clear comunication about...
what is OK and what is NOT OK.   
What am I comfortable with?  And What are you comfortable with?

Define signals with your partner. How do we signal that we are
uncomfortable in a situation? 

After each experience talk about everything that happened,
were you excited?  Challenged?  Happy?  Was it a pleasurable experience?
Were there any "awkward" moments?. 

Also, be aware that your play partners have their own rules,
and if you run into one that seems odd to you - remember it makes sense to them.
Do not try to convince them that they should change their rule to suit you. 

Reviews of The Roleplay Erotic Couples Lounge in Atlantic City NJ

Send us your review:
We just visited our first Lifestyle club.....RolePlay. Naturally being our first time anywhere we were nervous. Boy, did that feeling disappear quickly! Everyone there was very polite and respectful. The staff was amazing. All areas were clean and well monitored which really put us at ease. Needless to say after about an hour or so of just observing others we got into it ourselves. While we don't swap we sure did have a blast performing in front of others. What a thrilling experience your club afforded us and we can't wait to go back for more. 3/26/13
That was the most fun I ever had at a club. My wife was so worried about your club being sleazy!  Boy, was she wrong! She was relaxed about 5 minutes into being there. You have a very clean and sexy club and we plan to frequent our visits. Btw. Your Bartender Katie and entertainment director were great!
Thanks again for opening up our lives to new adventures!!!!
We normally don't do certs; however, this cert is needed. The Role Play Lounge is one hot spot: Hands down! Sexy people and sexy music equals a wonderful time. 3/24/13
My husband and I were in Atlantic City this past weekend and it was our first time in a Adult Club as marrieds and it was SEXY,HOT,DISCRET and FABULOUS. We are still smiling from experience. I'd recommend ROLEPLAY to any mature couples who want too explore other Exotic options. 

My husband & I had the whole weekend in A.C planned. We were going to hit Role Play Friday night and Saints & Sinners Saturday night. When we walked into Role Play on Friday a wave of sensuality surged through my body. The music was perfect the lights were a soft red and the people were HOT!! The night was EPIC from the first dance to the last thrust. We left wanting more. Now we were more then ready for Saints & Sinners & had received a free pass to go. We walked in & right away the vibe was awkward. The few people that were there were uncomfortable & had us by about 20+ years. We were determined to have a night like the night before at Role Play so we forged on. The dance floor was brightly lit and the DJ was playing Wedding music. We stayed for 45 long minutes & finally pulled the plug, it was awful!! We waited for a cab for 30 minutes to take us to the ONLY swing club in town Role Play!! We promise to NEVER make that mistake again. Hope to see you Saturday...Here we come!! 3/17/13

This couple has the HOTTEST club in AC. We have been there a few times and are planning to spend NYE weekend there. Our first visit completely turned us on to the lifestyle and we haven't looked back every since. We met her and she is so charming and sexy and made me feel very comfortable. In fact, everyone who works there made us feel comfortable. Wish we lived close by we would be there more often, but for now we don't mind taking the 2 1/2 hour drive for some hot sexy fun! R&T   11/13/13

We met this GREAT couple at the international swingers day convention in the Dominican Republic and they are a warm, friendly, and attractive pair that is full of charm and lovely to look at! We are happy that they attended our event and feel that everyone that takes the time to meet them will be glad they did. Anyone reading this should attend one of their events at Role Play in Atlantic city and get to know them and their friends. You will be sure to enjoy yourself! :-)    9/2/13

Met this wonderful couple at the SLS swingers convention in DR and at their club Role Play in Atlantic City. He is a charming intelligent good looking guy and his lady is very sexy, sweet and also intelligent! As for their club Role Play, in our humble opinion a perfect swinger club. Immaculate yet warm and inviting, with plenty of intimate and open areas to both play and socialize. The staff was efficient and friendly without being overbearing...Overall a gem. If you get a chance to meet them or check out Role Play do it.  8/24/13

If you are looking for the perfect atmosphere, the perfect hosts and a sinfully sexual evening with just yourselves or others in the lifestyle you will not find it anywhere but here at Roleplay! We are very glad we chose Atlantic City's own erotic playground for our first experience a year ago and we just keep coming back for more. Other clubs do NOT compare so don't even expect them to. M&J go out of their way to give you what you want...Hot, Sexy FUN in an immaculately clean club...the BEST DJ's, awesome Staff! Keep it up Guys, We Can't wait to come back!  1/03/13

Our first venture into the lifestyle was at Role Play this past weekend and we had a blast. What a great atmosphere! We felt relaxed enough to let loose on our first day out and before you knew it we were going at it next to another couple on the side with the girls fondling each other lightly. Before you knew it, we were back the next night right in the middle of the room with at least 40 people watching!  2/12/13

These two are a wonderful couple! My husband and I have been to many clubs, and have never seen a club as friendly, clean, and FUN as theirs. Never a dull moment. We felt welcomed as friends the first time we walked in the door. Thanks for many wonderful evenings...and more to come.
Awesome couple! Fantastic club! We have been to their club several times and truly enjoyed each and every moment. Very clean comfortable atmosphere that makes us want to dance and a LOT more!! They will welcome you and treat you like an old friend. Make sure that if you have not had a chance to visit, FIND THE TIME, it will be worth it! Oh... mingling on the dance floor really heats things up, so get out, dance and make it "HOT"!!
Hello :). Saturday night was my gfs and I first time at role play and also our first time doing anything like that.  It was an amazing time!  Thank you for the best birthday weekend ever!!!!   Can't wait to come back :))))
We just wanted to thank you and your staff for providing us with a great 1st time at your club and cannot wait to revisit! We travel quite a distance to come there vs. other clubs but feel it will be well worth it. Keep doing what you are doing as it s great!
Oh, and thanks for suggesting I try the sex swing before leaving. I did,  and now we want to buy one!  What a blast!
My wife and I attended your 3rd annual anniversary masquerade ball. We were first timers at this event, and we could not believe how many different spots her and I had sex at your club by the end of the night!  The club was wonderful, clean, and had a strong sexual charge about it.  My wife and I only played with each other, but having sex along side other couples doing the same went from awkward at first to an outright amazingly heated erotic experience by the end.  My wife lost her mask by the end of the night, but that didn't stop her from topping me off back at the hotel after. We had a great time, and will most likely be back for more. Who knows, we might even mix it up next time if we get heated again!
Let me start by saying what an awesome experience we had again!As always your place was a clean,classy and erotic adventure!This was our second visit and that's all it took for my wife to feel comfortable enough to have sex, half naked in front of everyone.Wow, what a turn-on.We will be back soon! Thanks for another sexy,erotic night out.
Well it was our first time and I have to say it was the best night out in a very long time!! Clean, classy, sexy and fun! We had a great hot erotic time and played together and with others. We are hooked and will be back a lot! M&M
First timers at RP. FANTASTIC!! Clean and classy. Sexy atmosphere. Enjoyed watching and playing. Had the best time and we will be coming back for more. 
The Birthday girl! ;-)
Being our first time to a club like this,We weren't  sure what to expect.Let me start by saying how nice the staff was.From the Door guy to the Bartender and Host's. Your club exceeded our expectations.We  felt completely comfortable the entire evening. We danced the evening away then ventured up to the 2nd floor as the evening turned into early morning.We didn't partake in any of the action(as we had agreed we wouldn't ,this being our first time),but enjoyed the atmosphere.We will definitely be returning !
Thanks for an erotic night !
D&L from S.Jersey
All I can say is OMG! Just as you described on your site. Friendly welcoming staff, clean, upscale accommodations and fun, hot, respectful guests. Isabella got us dancing and Linda got us heated up! After loosening up on the dance floor we ventured upstairs to "watch" the action. Well to my surprise we jumped in the big room between three other couples. We were inches away from other wrything,  moaning couples and a swarm of onlookers at the door. From there we went to the sybian where my girlfriend had a shuddering orgasm and I came in her mouth (doesn't happen often!) while watching two couples merge on the benches while a third pounded away on the reclined bench. We left about 3:30, went back to our hotel and were so horny we had great sex three more times!
We are hooked and can't wait to come back.  Thank you for creating such a clean, safe erotic environment!
It was my first solo experience at Role Play (I am a single woman)...I chose Fetish Night.. because I have interest although.. wasn't prepared for the experience I was about to have... 
I was nervous as anything.. the parking was easy, simple, I chose the "outside" parking as close to the building as I could find... so I could make a beeline to the building.
That was the hardest most nerve racking part of the night... the rest was AWESOME!  I walked in.. and immediately felt comfortable.  The hostesses were PERFECT. Kinda took me
under their wing... showed me around.. made me feel comfortable..didn't really let me go (so to say) until they knew I was ok on my own....gave me suggestions of where I should 
sit and hang out, etc. Fetish Night ROCKED!!!  and I hope that there is another one soon... although.. other first timers who were not aware of this "theme" ...were quite shocked.
The demonstrations were fantastic, and all who participated were very skilled and knowledgable.  Everyone was friendly and open and willing to talk about anything.  I learned 
new things, and found new friends.  Time FLEW FAST... as I found it was 3am before I knew it!   I asked if someone could walk me to my car... cause of the hour.. and cause of the time..
and I was graciously escorted to my car... and was told... Hope to see you next time!  ~~~ YOU DEFINITELY WILL!!!~~ and hopefully some of my other single girlfriends will come too! Thank you for a wonderful night.. I will be back again. Role Play Rocks!!
The morning after (no pill needed)
Last night we finally sucked it up, grew a set (well an extra set) and took the plunge into the swinger pool. Well, to be honest we are not ready for the deep end, but the wading area was fucktastic!  We went to a club in Atlantic City called Roleplay Lounge. Now, for those who don’t know, Atlantic City; has two parts of town, the beautiful casino side and the get me the fuck outta here side. Not being a frequent visitor to AC we only assumed it was in the bad side. You know cause sex clubs and swingers are dirty filthy things (sarcasm alert).  Well as you might guess Roleplay is on the good side, almost in the Hilton Hotel Casinos parking lot.  From the moment we walked into the club almost all of our preconceived notions about what a swingers club should look and feel like were changed. Now I won’t go describing it in great detail, why would you take my word, go check out a club for yourself. Lindsey and I are great fun at parties with people we know, but no one is ever going to call us forward or super outgoing. So as was our original plan we figured we’d just hang with ourselves and take it all in. Walk around, explore the areas and kind of learn by watching.  After an hour or so, we went up through the large open play area and there was a HOT couple fucking so we sat along the viewing/play area around what I’ll call center stage and watched for a bit. By a bit I mean nearly a minute before I had to just take my beautiful wife and begin kissing her “sweetlips” and any other place I could get to. Within a few moments we were mostly nude, my wife lying across the bench seating of the viewing area with me head first in her pussy and loving it more than ever before. Then something began to happen that neither of us expected, random folks would walk by, stop and watch a bit, get turned on and go start their own passion pile. They would comment how hot Lindsey was, how amazing her tits are (40f for the curious) Lindsey is very modest, but the attention seemed to turn her on (I now know she loves being watched) and she came over and over.  Normally I’d just have to fuck her at this point, but wanted to head back downstairs, take a little break, regroup and then try it again. Skipping ahead past the non-sex parts. Back up to the play area we went, this time no hot couple on center stage. We moved on over to a seat right next to center stage and things began between Lindsey and I. Within moments we were naked and fucking like never before with a crowd of people watching us that I could never have imagined. One couple got so turned on watching us they just plopped right down next to us (almost on us) and her started sucking him off passionately, it was fucking HOT!  Now I’ve always thought that my wife is hot, beautiful, sexy and amazing to watch in bed. Of course I do, that’s part of why she’s my wife, but I have to say the reaction she had on men and women (more women than men) was the bigger surprises of the night. Another couple sat down next to us to watch, the female started giving him a blowjob and he came in less than two minute, shocking the female. Apparently he never cums that fast and she was not expecting him to.  When I was no longer able to hold back myself I came so hard, my scrotum felt as it had shot through my cock hole. We collapsed into each other, wasted physically and emotionally. Kissing this beautiful woman I call my soul mate, I noticed a disappointed crowd begin to disperse to other areas of the club. My final surprise of the evening was when my amazing wife went off through the club to the bathrooms. She strutted across the floor fully nude, not self-conscious, more like taking a victory lap. That will always be my greatest memory of the entire evening. My wife, who usually has self-esteem issues, can occasionally be a little uptight, completely relaxed, almost proud as she made her way to the bathroom.  Our evening was much better a start than we thought I was going to be, way better. Hopefully it is just the first of many such evenings of fun and more importantly memories of our love and passion for each other.  Until, next time do all you want, want all you do.
Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful first visit. It was our first foray into the lifestyle and as one does we had huge fears and anxiety. However, from the moment we crossed the velvet ropes your staff and overall club atmosphere put us at ease. We hope to be back very soon and many many more times after that. We will recommend your establishment to anyone who ever asks.

Thanks again
Thank you role play for the safe and wonderful environment.We was very please to see such great staff and people keep the good work up.
The valentine's day party on Saturday was a blast. My husband and I loved it. This was our 4 th time their and it gets better every time.
I have to say my wife and I had a great time a RP. We are first Timers a very attractive couple late thirties and boy did this place provide a heaven for sexy couples    My wife got to know a beautiful blonde who both became intimate.  It was a sexy reality and we will definitely be back.
Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful first visit. It was our first foray into the lifestyle and as one does we had huge fears and anxiety. However, from the moment we crossed the velvet ropes your staff and overall club atmosphere put us at ease. We hope to be back very soon and many many more times after that. We will recommend your establishment to anyone who ever asks.

Thanks again
First, we are true newbies. Fresh off the vanilla plant. This was our first club experience and our first sex in public! The club is extremely clean and well organized. Downstairs are the bar, dance floor and DJ, as well as some stripper poles. There is a pool table in the back that doesn't seem to get much play time. Upstairs it is much darker and there are about 5 or six rooms set up for various play. One room has a swing. There are lockers and very clean bathrooms as well. Towels and sheets are cleaned and prepared in a basket for use in each room. The main large room upstairs that is essentially part of the hall way has a large bed, Sybian machine, curved sex furniture and soft padded benches are around the edges. Some of the benches had black string curtains for a sense of privacy while still being able to see out and in. Most people stayed in this area after about midnight. If you arrive at opening (9PM) the club goers will mostly all be downstairs mingling. If you choose this time to go have some fun upstairs you will pretty much have the room to yourself save for the occasional newbie getting the tour! It is strictly BYOB but soft drinks and mixers are provided. The staff is very pleasant and accommodating. The most incredible part was that we had envisioned all sorts of types of people that would visit this place but what we realized is that they are all very respectful and all very hot! We accept all body types but seriously, we were stunned! A very truly young crowd but even the older couples were gorgeous. We indulged ourselves several times that night and for the first time ever, right next to another couple who were doing the same! We loved it! We will definitely be back as soon as possible and hopefully will be bringing friends!
Hi,  on Saturday my wife and I went to the RP lounge for the first time (actually it was the
first time at a club of this nature).  We chose this club because of what we read on your site
and the reviews that I read at other sites.  Upon arrival we were met by a handsome
clean-cut looking fella who immediately made us feel comfortable and explained everything
about the club when he learned it was our first time.  Even the coat check guy was polite
and greeted us with a smile.  Once entering the club we were directed to the bar were we provided the bar tender (a beautiful and sexy woman) with our bottle of wine.  She was
very nice and chilled our wine.  We were then greeted by two very lovely ladies who gave
us a tour.  They both had great personalities and made us feel at home.   Your entire staff
was very professional and the girls who gave us the tour were the life of the party.  The
club is immaculate and there were a lot of hot couples who attended the party. The sexual
energy was high and there was no pressure.  Although we did not hook up with anyone as
we are what they apparently refer to as "vanillas" and are not quite ready for that; we did
play with each other in one of the rooms on the 2nd floor which was erotic in itself being
around other couples who were doing the same.  Your club is first class and we
are definitely planning on returning. 

If your are heading to Atlantic City, you have to go to The RolePlay  Lounge, where you
will be amazed on how professional and clean the club is. The club is very elegant and
has an incredible atmosphere that lends itself to attract sexy couples and allows couples
to be relaxed throughout the evening. Everyone there were friendly and the music an
cleanness of the club kept the mood going all night long. The two floors allowed for many
different scenarios with NO PRESSURE and that was the best part about this club. Be
yourself and let loose and you will have a night to remember. This was our first experience
to any Lifestyle Club and we’ll definitely be back soon!!!
We wanted to let you know we had an incredible evening at your club and it was without a
doubt worth the 4 hour drive. We went into the evening with a very open mind and came
away with a very positive outcome. The opportunity to show off and be an exhibitionist was
such a turn on for us. The voyeurism part as we were performing in front of so many was
an accelerating energy that added so much. We will be back in 2 weeks for your corset
evening and hope that the evening brings more excitement into our already incredible sex
life.  K & L

"If youre heading to Atlantic City, you have to go to The RolePlay Lounge and meet
some of the sexiest people around. I have not missed a MOFO party there yet, and
everyone I go to gets better and better. The upscale and elegant atmosphere lends itself
to attract such sexy men and women. Everyone is friendly and the music keeps the mood
going all night.... Yummmmmmmmmmmmy !! Kisses and Licks - Debby"

SexxyMofo DSCOUPLE22
"We’ve been attending practically since they opened. It just keeps getting
better! that atmoshphere cant be beat. The RolePlay Lounge is the sexiest
place in the tristate area!  If you haven’t been -
put it on your list of things to do."

"Very sexxy, hip hot place to party!! We had a great time with all our Friends at
Roleplay.  Check this place out! The place to be in AC."

SexxyMofo  TNT  
"We Attended the first MOFO On-Premise party at the Roleplay Lounge,
needless to say we were not disapointed. The place is extremly clean and
upscale. There is enough room in the place to move around and enjoy yourself.
The staff was even friendly and attractive. it was just what AC needed. Good
luck guys and see you soon

SexxyMofo    CURIOUSKITTY7880
"WOW what a great place! We went to another swingers party in the area prior as
newbies and was groosed out with the lack of class they had. This place has
shine, class and total sex appeal. On top of it, we went when SexxyMofo was
there, the combonation of the two was hawwtt! Roleplay Lounge is our
favorite club, it has 2 sexxy floors and the snacks are top the line. We have
returned a few times and have had a better and better time everytime we go.
We love the atmosphere. The owners are a great couple, Weve had the pleasure
of talking with them for a while. They are down to earth and receptive to views
of the customer, but overall, just great personalities and easy going. Dont pass
this place up, or you will be very dissapointed you did. xoxoxox Sarah and Rich"

SexxyMofo   DDDCHICK97
"We had the pleasure of going down to this hot club in A/C when they teamed
up with FRICTION for the “PINK” Party! What a great place! clean, with two
floors of fun to be had! This was our first visit to an On-Premise LifeStyle club
and we’ll definitly be back again! B & S"

"Great club....Great atmosphere....Best Couples Club in Atlantic City !"

SexxyMofo  MICKNMAL2
"We had a couple of hot, hot nights with lots and lots of sexxy, naughty fun @
the Roleplay Lounge both times we went. This lounge is very nice and clean.
Great atmosphere to get u’r frek on ! We felt very comfortable. The couples
attending were sexxy, fun and open minded. The staff was great, friendly and
made us feel right @ home in the club.... not 2 mention that the hostess,
bartenders and those whipcream/Pole dancers gurlz are all ultra sexxy and fun
to be around.... i’ll go off my diet anytime for another shot of chocolate whip
cream ;) No doubt the next party (october 10th HEF & BUNNIES) will be just as
fun. These folks know how to throw a wild night out. MICK & MAL XOXOXOX"

"We went to Roleplay Lounge this past weekend and all we can say is
WOW! The atmosphere inside the club is one of elagance, class and cleanliness.
Everyone was friendly and it had everything one would need at an On-Premise
club. the music, people and general feel in the club were all outstanding. We
recommend Roleplay to anyone that wants to let loose, meet sexy people and
have a good time.   Happy swinging !!"

SexxyMofo   STORM
"I absolutly LUV this Club !!! Very sexy, clean, classy and very
friendly. I went for the Mofo party on 8.29.... and had the best time!!! You
should definitly check this place out. Let me know when you are going and I
will meet you there ;)"

"These two are genuine and a hot cpl. They run an awesome Club
that is newbie and veteran lifestyle frinedly. The hostesses are hot and make
everyone fell welcomed. The club is very clean, great music and the rooms give
off a sexually charged atmosphere. Check this place out and have yourself a
great time. KISSES Mark & Michele"

"I want to thank you for inviting me to your oooohhhh so hot was
delicious...not only the place is has some friendly people as well.
you will definitly see me again !"

"What can we say, we drove 3 hours to get to The RolePlay Lounge and were
def. not disappointed. The club is amazing, very upscale, modern, clean. Every
private room has its own unique style and mood...mmmmm by far the best
on-premise Swingers Club we've been to. looking forward to going again very
soon !!"

"We've gone to The RolePlay Lounge a couple of times so far and have liked
what we found !! great layout, cool crowd,terrific music, all in a classy and
sexy setting. we'll certainly be back and are looking forward to meeting both
old and new friends there :-)"

" I went to this LifeStyle club with a couple of girl friends for a night out,
and to see what it was like, and i thought i was in Manhattan for a minute.
The place was so beautiful, classy, chic, upscale, and we loved it, had a
great time, everyone were so super nice, good friendly, def. will go back,
and this time with IRV..."

" WOW! great place, great people (staff and guests) and a wonderful top
notch atmosphere. cant wait to go back for more and more and more.
lots of luck N and R"

"We went to The RolePlay Lounge and WOW !
what an amazing place! very sexy, sensual and seductive. the place is
modern and cool. we met up with some sexy friends, it was a hot night !
highly recommend the lounge. P and L"

 SEXXYMOFO ckplusone
"We had an amazing time at The RolePlay Lounge this past weekend!!!
An awesome place with great music, friendly and courteous patrons and staff !!
Everybody was incredibly nice and very outgoing !! Truly an outstanding
experience !! We cannot wait to get back there !!"

 SEXXYMOFO dirtylittlesecret
"We had the opportunity to attend this Couples club this past weekend
and had a great time. It is extremely clean and comfortable, everyone
is very friendly and the location is great !!
We will definitely be going back again !!!!"

"We went to The RolePlay Lounge last weekend and WOW...
we were expecting the norm, but we were absolutely amazed !!!
CLEAN GORGEOUS interior with every room being just a bit different,
but all keeping it VERY SEXXY, an amazzzzing vibe. The staff was just as
amazing and sincerely wanted all their guests to have a great time. We
met a few other couples there and we were all overwhelmingly pleased
at how this club put it all together... tops in our book"

 SEXXYMOFO yummyummy
"U have to go to The RolePlay Lounge in A/C! Two floors of fun with
private rooms, hot people, and much more upscale than other places
down south. We had a great time and made a few very close friends.
we will be back for more ! "

"We went to The Roleplay Lounge, it is a very nice, very clean place.
Safe area right by the hilton. the staff was also great. much success !"

 SLS hearmerorer2
"What a great place. Last night was our first time to the The RolePlay Lounge
and we felt comfortable from the minute we walked in the door. Everyone was
so friendly and it's very easy to meet new and exciting people. Can't wait to return"

 SLS nj2some
"We've had the pleasure of going to The RolePlay Loungeb twice so far,
and liked what we found. Comfortable atmosphere, attractive layout,
great staff, good crowd, and terrific music mix, the perfect club! :-) "

 SLS MixedCpl4Fun05
"WHAT A NIGHT!!! The Roleplay Club is a great spot to lounge,
dance, and play. We had a great time last night, what a turn out. Look
forward to going back! R & B "

 SLS mailsjb
"The RolePlay Lounge is a fantastic club. It is an extremely clean,
upscale club where the owners have taken their time to think of every
detail...from the professional & friendly staff to the amazing rooms,
which creates the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful night out! If you
are in the mood for an upscale, erotic night out, try will
be hooked - we are! "

 SLS werlkng42
"We attended this Club with some friends and loved the
atmosphere, cleanliness and friendly staff. We look forward to many
more trips to this incredible new playground! We hope others will come
check it out and we are sure they will enjoy it as much as we did! xoxoxo "

 SLS Mymee
"This sexy man and his wonderful wife are the owners of one of the
BEST LifeStyle Club I have ever attended. The club boasts a sensual
and seductive atmosphere. Don't hesitate to attend. It will definitely
be worth it!    xoxo Mimi"

 SLS shorecouple1
" Fantastic Club! We will be going back for some more. "
Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I had the best time at your club last night.  It certainly made for a wonderful Valentines celebration.  We met a couple there that was also there for the first time, and we hit it off.  Their was no pressure from anyone, we could join in or just watch.....I prefer to join though!! The place was very clean and smelled great!!!!  Your staff was wonderful right from the moment we walked in, they made us feel very comfortable! We will definitely be going back again and again.
Thanks Again for a Great Night
T and R from NJ
We just visited The RolePlay Lounge last Saturday and it was everything my wife and I was expecting. Everyone was attractive and dressed accordingly. It was our first time ever coming to a club like this and was very excited. We drifted off into a play room and engaged in wonderful sex while others watched and some joined in next to us. We didnt do any full swapping. I would go back anytime. Love that place.

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RolePlay Erotic Couples Playground, 

3426 Atlantic Ave.
Atlantic City NJ 08401